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Revealing the Science of Honey Beekeeping - Community Development

We will use the practice of bee-keeping to introduce various science (and STEM) points connected to the ecology of bees. We are developing the project to start during British Science Week (March) 2021 and it will be focused around: Bee STEM: Anatomy of bees Activities of nested bees Bee related technology Start ongoing hive International panAfrica speakers for online seminar British beekeeping heritage Classic bee science research paper reviews. Briton NF, 2002, Deciding on a new home: how do honey bees agree?, Proceeding of the Royal Society, London 24 165-189 Riley JR, 2005, The flight paths of honey bees recruited by the waggle dance, Nature 435, 205-207 Weinstock GM (2006) Insights into social insects from the genome of the honey bee Apis mellifera, Nature, 443, 931-949 Storytelling (British and panAfrica) Science and the Thinking Beekeeper There are several ways we will explore these points as part of our Level Being 9 educational support programme, i am currently finalizing it and welcome all possible support and STEM engagement. Hear is an example of what we did for our last Science Week programme; uLearn Naturally Pop-up Community Science Lab - Creative Learning Festival 2020. I look forward to speaking with you. It would be wonderful if we could interview you as part of our Science Week podcast series, through this we can explore the importance of your work and developments.

Young Gifted Speaker Training 

Learn from Masters and Champions

in the Oratorical arts of Public Communication and Speaking.

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Rhetoric (Sababu) is the art of using language, such as public speaking, for persuasive writing and speech.  Oratory is the ability to convey a successful speech and is a means of performing rhetoric. 

Rhetoric include deliberative, judicial, and epideictic. 

Classic Rhetoric
In classical rhetoric, people were taught a discipline to eloquently express self through ancient traditions.

Oratory divided the three branches of genres in classical rhetoric. Deliberative oratory is considered legislative, judicial oratory translates as forensic, and epideictic oratory is deemed as ceremonial or demonstrative.

Deliberative Rhetoric
Deliberative rhetoric is speech or writing that attempts to persuade an audience to take (or not take) some action. 

Judicial Rhetoric
Judicial rhetoric is speech or writing that considers the justice or injustice of a certain charge or accusation.

Epideictic Rhetoric
Epideictic rhetoric is speech or writing that praises (encomium) or blames (invective).

LEARN MORE… Be more, uKnow more.

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  • Benefit from this unique Black youth training programme,
  • Become the best Communicators in all situations and with all Media.

What does the course cover?

Educating with Unifiedknowledge introduces an approach to learning where maths, culture, art, nature and science are explored in ways that make education properly connected to classical and contemporary African (Black) culture.  The course defines the culture and objectives of the pedagogy (the approach to learning).  Then explores its principles (guiding ideas), processes (ways of working) and protocols (codes of conduct & etiquette).

You will gain a rich insight to each of these points and the oversight of how they interrelate with each other.

A full bullet point summary is presented at the Abundance Centres (UK) website: Unifiedknowledge Pedagogy

uLearn Naturally (​Unifiedknowledge) practice treats mathematics as a central and critical subject, it is "the study and application of patterns".

We recognise three classically African fundamental ideas of maths, they are Number (ቁጥር), Measure (ልክ) and Ratio (ክፍል).

First we'll secure basic consciousness and competence with these as part of our primary process of simplification.

Studying contemporary methods of teaching mathematics we further work with 21 additional “Big Ideas” of mathematical thought and practice.

Read the full course introduction.

Topics Covered:

  1. Overstanding the integration of Classic Ideas and Big Ideas
  2. Learning to Learn
  3. Number (ቁጥር)
  4. Measure (ልክ)
  5. Ratio (ክፍል)
  6. Overstanding Big Ideas of Mathematics

Our educational Trust has developed a two year uLearn Naturally (Unifiedknowledge) learning programme of focused full time education to attain beyond Level 9 GCSE mathematical consciousness and competence. Including preparation and entry into nationally accredited GCSE examinations in Maths.  The tuition and learning is creative, integrated and unified; STEAM (STEM + the Arts). 

Children aged from 8 years + can be enrolled.

Read the full prospectus.

Topics Covered:

  1. Overstanding the integration of Classic Ideas, Big Ideas and the AQA Specification
  2. Scheme of Work - Term to Lesson Planning
  3. Number (in AQA)
  4. Algebra (in AQA)
  5. Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change (in AQA)
  6. Geometry and Measures (in AQA)
  7. Probability (in AQA)
  8. Statistics (in AQA)
  9. Assessing Unifiedknowledge Practice Levels
  10. Prepared for AQA assessment (GCSE)
  11. After the Graduation, preparing for the next Level

Overstanding basic arithmetic

In our approach to learning we use these custom designed posters to teach the deepest ideas of number:

  1. what number is?
  2. add-subtract relationships
  3. multiply-divide relationships
  4. fraction arithmetic
  5. positive & negative exponents
  6. rhythmic arithmetic with binary
  7. non-verbal hand-signing arithmetic
  8. types of number (sets)
  9. number relations introducing algebra
  10. number relations introducing other big ideas in mathematics

Overstanding basic arithmetic with the wonderful numbers Two, Three and Seven as keys to the whole number system.

Fear: a key for transforming it.: 

Fear is the Mind Killer - think, chant and sing your way to emotional freedom. 

( Poetry for Radical Change Book 1 )

This is a very simple yet powerful learning resource designed to support Ones in transforming fear. For many fear can be acutely or chronically debilitating. Acutely meaning intensely and chronically meaning persistent and recurring. It may appear obvious when someone is experiencing fear however it can also be amazingly subtle, even invisible.

Given the significance of the fear factor in life there are now a wealth of books, audio and video resources to help people explore ways to define, manage and remove it. Consider this resource a compliment to the best of that stuff.

In the Unifiedknowledge pedagogy (approach to learning and education) we know fear to be a very important object and subject of study, with the intent of perfecting the way One transforms this emotion (energy motion) in self and community. A poetic utterance has been developed, a positive affirmation that defines and reminds One of the essential way to relate to the feeling and experience of fear. 

In Unifiedknowledge (yeht'mr urwuk'eht) practice we value the unity of the arts and sciences. Thus this tool (learning resource) draws profoundly on this value, the utterance is called Fear is the Mind Killer. #frhat_ebook

Hair Structure Science & the Alpha Helix Design

- uGo Deep Short Course Guidance

This "uGo Deep Short Course" supports purchasers of the Hair Structure Science - Poster Sheet 1 to go deeply into the biological structures in hair from the root to the elemental level.

Watch this intro video for a taster: https://youtu.be/aw3iRKDY5yY

HEAR Testimonials from the Black Beauty and Hair Science Seminar
(held @ Black Open University - Sept 9th 2017) - Astehmari Batekun

Hair Structure Science – Foundation Course One:
uGo Deep Short Course Guidance

Units of Learning:

  1. Introduction to course and Unifiedknowledge
  2. [0] Water
  3. [1] Three Classic Questions: Number, Measure & Ratio
  4. [2] Exponents and the Unit of Power
  5. [3] Reciprocal
  6. [4] Logarithm
  7. Going inside 1 Metre – prepare for advance visualisation
  8. Detailed cross section of skin and hair structures (African coil)
  9. Hair coil strength principles
  10. Keratin protein
  11. Polypeptide backbone structure
  12. Amino Acids
  13. Five key elements
  14. Sub atomic elements, iconic metaphor
  15. Periodic Table – spiral form
  16. [5] Ions
  17. [6] Water's self-ionisation process
  18. [7] Isotopes
  19. [8] pH (the Acid : Base ratio)
  20. [9] The Mole
  21. Organic apple cider vinegar treatment idea
  22. The Science of Hair Damage
  23. Surfactants, Shampoos & Conditioners
  24. The effect of Oils on Human Hair
  25. African Hair And Curly Hair
  26. Hair Strength
  27. Cosmetics for thin Hair
  28. Washing and Grooming Procedures
  29. Hair Straighteners
  30. Damage by Heat
  31. Hair Dyes
  32. Summary of powers to be gained by these studies

Abit's Secret:

Overstanding the Warrior's Province

creative allegory on the profound nature of space and life. 

Meta & Quantum – Physics & Maths for both young and maturing children, families and teachers too.

  • The Story of ABit's Secret - 12 Chapters in Summary, revealing the deeper meanings
  • The Pedagogy (approaches to teaching and learning) - Learning to go Deeper 
  • The Appendix - Using, making and becoming Resources
  • Expressing One's Overstanding of One's Space

For parents and teachers learning how to share the deepest core ideas of maths through creative story will prove to be a life changing experience.  Not to mention you own journey to "Overstanding" space in all its dimensions.  You'll be saying Wow ! too.  This course is well suited to the mature young, especially those who are clearly known as gifted and talented, help them grow beyond the appearance of limits around them.

This new book and supporting course gives the perfect introduction to number, the real story.


Abit the preying mantid, took one of his special naps and as he slept a whole world was created.

In this place it was strange because at first he couldn't perceive anything but then a point came to him. Immediately he created another point and so there where two points, they were twins. Abit played with the points all day realising for the first time what a day was and from that point on space-time was known in a deeper way.

Abit went to his friend Winchi, the Crane, to show her his points and the new world he was coming to know. She was impressed and in her excitement she...

- - - - - - - - -

The story goes on to explore:

  • point
  • space-time
  • +1
  • Two
  • One
  • Point of Origin
  • Zero
  • -1
  • Minus One”
  • limitlessness
  • infinity
  • Half
  • fractions
  • rational
  • Irrational
  • imaginary and composite numbers
  • patterns

Abundance Centres (UK) operates as an umbrella organisation for Member Trusts and the uLearn Naturally Learners' Cooperative.  Member Trusts are legally formed as associations by the collective adoption of Abundance Centres (UK)'s model constitution.  

This course is developed to guide General and Executive Members through each section of the constitution so that there is deep and communal overview on the power and scope, responsibilities and rights endowed to cooperatives through the adoption and conscious application of the constitution.

The course covers 14 units, one for each section of the model constitution.

Preparing a business plan can be an ominous task that many fear. For this reason we have realised that developing a “Preliminary Executive Summary” [here on referred to as the Preliminary ES] is a useful and natural way into the business planning process (zehde). This modelling tool will bring your mind to all the key areas that must be considered. The exercise will help assure you of the value of putting further attention (work: energy and time) into the development of a full, more detailed plan. It will also help you recognise the key areas that you need to further research and come to understand.